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It's not always simple to care for elderly relatives or other family members who need help, especially on an ongoing basis. That's why, at Always Classic Care, we offer a wide range of services designed to keep your loved ones safe and healthy in the comfort of their own homes. For our animal loving clients, we also offer pet-friendly staffing. With services ranging from around-the-clock care to hospital discharge care, we have everything you need to provide quality care for anyone in need.

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Toward Insurance Deductible or Hourly Services. Minimum 4 Hours Daily Service. Valid on Second Month of Service.

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About Us

Always Classic Care provides home care for clients from Homestead, Florida to Jupiter, Florida and all points in between. The agency staff home health aides, certified nursing aides, licensed practical nurses, and registered nurses provide help with daily tasks and offer skilled services as needed. Those who have elderly loved ones or family members who require regular care can rely on the agency's caring and qualified staff to provide dependable care, whether they need around the clock care, personal care or hospital post-discharge care. Always Classic Care will also attend to the client in a skilled nursing facility, rehab, or assisted living facility. Always Classic Care provides several services to ensure that seniors and other clients can enjoy an improved quality of life in the comfort of their own home. Some of these services include medication management and reminders, transportation services, errands and shopping, meal preparation, continent care, and Alzheimer's assessment and care planning. Clients can also receive help with hurricane preparation and receive pet-friendly staffing if needed. Always Classic Care maintains affordable services to ensure that all those requesting can receive all the care they need. There are no contractual obligations on the length of services and no deposit required. Clients and those with family members who need care will find that they can make arrangements for care on short-term notice and depend on the registry to assist them in finding a caregiver that meets their needs.

Around The Clock Care Specialist

Although you want the best for your elderly loved one, it’s not always possible for you to provide them with the around-the-clock care they need. Whether you live too far away or have a busy schedule, you can count on Always Classic Care to be there for your loved one. Always Classic Care provides around-the-clock care for elderly clients and other individuals in Miami, Florida.

Around The Clock Care Q & A

Who needs around-the-clock care?

A good rule of thumb if not sure if 24-hour care is needed is to ask "should a fire or other emergency occur in home, would the person be able to contact 911 or safely navigate exiting the home?" Having a care giver in place around the clock means assistance is always there. Older adults are often not comfortable being alone at night.

What are the benefits of around-the-clock care?

Having around-the-clock care for your loved one offers some significant benefits, such as peace of mind for you if you’re unable to be with them all the time.

This type of care provides your loved one with companionship, which helps reduce the risk of depression in the elderly. Around-the-clock care also ensures that your loved one gets all of the help they need, including care and daily tasks.

What kinds of around-the-clock services are available?

Always Classic Care provides a broad range of services that ensure that your loved one gets the care they need on a 24-hour basis. These services include monitoring health conditions and giving medications as needed, as well as household tasks, such as preparing meals. If your loved one has Alzheimer’s, a caregiver can ensure that they stay safe in their home.

How are around-the-clock caregivers chosen?

Always Classic Care carefully chooses around-the-clock caregivers based on each client’s needs and preferences. Around-the-clock caregivers at Always Classic Care include:

  • Certified Nursing Aides
  • Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Registered Nurses
  • Home Health Aides

If a particular arrangement doesn’t work, management tactfully offers a different caregiver.

How can I find out more about around-the-clock care?

You can call at any time with questions or concerns about around-the-clock care: Always Classic Care has staff available to answer phone calls 24 hours a day. When you call, you speak to a live person rather than an automated voice.

Do you accept insurance for around-the-clock care?

Always Classic Care strives to keep around-the-clock care affordable, so they do take some types of insurance, including long-term care insurance. Staff members can even help you file all the insurance paperwork you’ll need for around-the-clock care.

If your loved one needs around the clock care, please contact Always Classic Care for detailed information.

Insurance & Billing

We accept all long-term home health policies. If you have any questions about your insurance plan, please contact our office.


18 Hours of Free Caregiving for Clients in Hospitals or Rehabilitation Facilities


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Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

After Hours, Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays your call will be directed to our on-call personnel. Always Classic Care is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.