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Patients Treated Long Term with Warfarin at Increased Risk for Dementia

Vitamin D May Not Lower Seniors’ Fall Risk

Many U.S. Adults Not Getting Key Vaccines

Could a Good Night’s Sleep Guard Against Alzheimer’s?

Acting Out Dreams During Sleep May Signal Dementia

Your Daily Coffee Just Might Jolt Your Memory

Scams Against the Elderly – How to Get Help

Social Security will Barely Cover your Health Costs

Long-Term Care Costs Rising

How to Talk to Aging Parents About Money

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How to Make Long-Term Care More Affordable

New Technologies to Help Seniors Age in Place

Blood Test May Have Power to Predict Alzheimer’s

Research Updates for Caregivers and People with Dementia

How to Quickly Spot Signs of a Stroke

How to Protect Yourself From Osteoporosis Bone Fractures

Could a Simple Smell Test Help Spot Alzheimer’s Early?

Physical Fitness May Be Tied to Lower Memory Decline

Aging Parents, Dementia And Financial Decisions: What Is Safe?

New Alzheimer’s Study Reveals How Spouse-caregivers Sustain Relationships

Yet Another Role For Aspirin

Lifelong Reading and Hobbies May Help Fend Off Dementia

Wheelchair Tips to Maintain Seniors’ Safety

Safety Tips when Providing Care for Someone with Alzheimer’s

Men Who Drink Heavily Lose Memories Faster With Age

An Aspirin Before Bed May Reduce Morning Heart Attacks

What to Know About Health By 50, 60, 70

Avoid Illness By Cleaning In Season Produce

Restless Sleep Linked to Widespread Pain in Older Adults

Senior-Friendly Technology for Caregivers

Art Classes Help Alzheimer’s Patients

Seven Tips for New Caregivers

6 Tax Tips for Family Caregivers

Changes in Humor May be Early Indicator for Dementia

Being Supportive to the Senior with Alzheimer’s Improves Home Safety

Simple Steps Could Keep People With Dementia at Home Longer

5 Reasons Vitamin D is a Must-Have for Seniors

Fish-Eaters May Keep More Gray Matter in Old Age

Free Dementia Clinical Screening Available to all Seniors in Medicare

Older Women Reduce Stroke, Death Risks with Potassium-Rich Foods

The Benefits of Working Directly With a Home Care Agency 

Caring For Mom and Dad? Take Care of Yourself, Too 

Could High Blood Sugar be a Cause of Alzheimer’s Disease?

Stressful Middle Age Tied to Higher Alzheimer’s Risk in Women

Dementia Risk Might Rise for Older Women With Heart Disease

Know the Signs of a Stroke

9 Risk Factors Contribute to Two-Thirds of Alzheimer’s Cases Worldwide

Diabetes Linked to Memory Decline in Older Adults

The Benefits of Exercise for Seniors

Americans Living Longer Than Ever: CDC

New Alzheimer’s Guidelines Stress Early Diagnosis

Two-Thirds of Seniors Need Help With Some Part of Daily Living

How Can I Tell if She’s Lying?

Physical Exercise May Be an Effective Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease and Vascular Dementia

Poor Diet is Dangerous, especially for Someone with Alzheimer’s, so Show You Care

Can A Compound Found in Red Wine, Resveratrol, be an Effective Treatment for Alzheimer’s

How to Find the Best Reacher Grabber Tool

Caregiver Life Why Do We Try and Make Alzheimer’s Patients Act Normal?

Caregiving Innovation Frontiers

135 Million People Worldwide Will Have Dementia by 2050

Advisory panel releases draft of national Alzheimer’s care plan

After Hip Fracture, Home Exercise Program May Boost Recovery

A Common Liver Drug Could Be Key To Curing Parkinson’s

Blood Pressure History May Affect Brain Function in Old Age

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How to Ease the Blow of Taking the Car Keys Away from an Elderly Parent or Relative  

A Little-Known Way to Save Money on Hearing Aids Can Be a Big Help

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