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Nov 17

Clots May Be the Cause of Fainting in Some Elderly

The following study is useful for those who may have an elderly loved one who faints. Always discuss with your doctor if you would even be considered at risk for pulmonary embolism before you get overly worried. Thanks for visiting Always Classic Care. We provide in-home nursing care to area residents throughout Miami, Broward and […]

Nov 3

Fighting Ageism

As professional caregivers, we treat those in our care with the greatest respect. Using terms of endearment is one thing when you are a friend or family member, but when it is someone that you do not know, it can feel insulting when we call an older adult something such as ‘sweetie.’ The following is […]

Oct 25

15 Things Caregivers Should Know After a Loved One Has Had a Stroke

When a loved one has a stroke, it can turn your entire life upside down. Below are 15 important things everyone should know when they are caring for someone who has suffered from a stroke. Thanks for visiting Always Classic Care, serving Broward, Boca Raton and Miami.  It’s better to find out than miss out. […]

Oct 12

Healthy Living May Mean More Healthy Years

It is easier said than done to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it ultimately provides the best opportunity to age well and avoid disability. A healthy lifestyle is also said to lessen the risk of succumbing to dementia, such as Alzheimer’s. Read on to learn more, and thanks for visiting us at Always Classic Care. […]